Abortion–A Quick Fix? Listen to This Story….

28 Jul

From Mochamusings.com

Let me tell you my story. At 15 I got pregnant.  I was happy and terrified at the same time.  I couldn’t believe I had a baby growing inside me, but I knew I was way too young.  Abortion seemed like my only option.  I couldn’t imagine going through with the pregnancy and giving my baby away.  And my worse fear… my family finding out!  What would they think of me?  I’m a good girl. I go to school. I got a job. And, I cause very little trouble. I tried to tell my mom and even a few older cousins. But, I would shake profusely every time.  I never got the courage. So, at 15, my boyfriend and I had a friend take us to the clinic.  What a memory…

The place is packed with young girls and very few, if any, parents.  It was like an assembly line. First up: a clipboard full of paperwork. I had no idea what to put because I knew very little.  Next up: payment window. Never once did anyone review the paper work that I faked my way through or even attempt to ask for ID. Really! Now it’s my turn to go back.



One Response to “Abortion–A Quick Fix? Listen to This Story….”

  1. Unconvinced July 28, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    I don’t know where this person went to but it was not my experience. I found myself having to terminate a pregnancy due to a medical problem. The place I went to was very caring, nurturing & performed the procedure to the letter. They took a pregnancy test and an internal ultrasound to confirm the progression of the pregnancy, and then had me see a counselor to see whether or not I wanted the procedure BEFORE they did it. I opted for a twilight anesthetic that put me to sleep, and the anesthesiologist gently talked me through the procedure. After it was completed, I was escorted to a recovery room where nurses monitored my blood pressure, gave me juice & crackers for strength and just stayed with me if I needed to talk while recovering. After I recovered enough to go home, the nurse gave me aftercare instructions and would not let me go until my ride picked me up. I cannot believe fully this poster’s story because the clinics have to confirm completely how far along a pregnancy is before performing an abortion. I think this is just another propaganda lie from the Pro-Life Movement. Moreover, depending on the state, a 15 year old cannot get an abortion without parental consent (did she go to an illegal abortionist?!)

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