College Students Seeking Out Sugar Daddies to Help Them Pay Tuition

5 Aug

By JasmineHughes

In light of the economic downturn, female college students are taking matters into their own hands. Now instead of working in McDonald’s, or shops for $8.00 an hour, many are finding it quicker and easier to seek older men and provide sex in exchange for tuition money.

Although the concept of older wealthy men supporting young women for sexual favors is nothing new, several websites have made the connection easier.

According to a report done by the Huffington Post, financially strapped female college students are creating profiles on websites where they meet “sugar daddies” who can help pay off their loans.

The college students upload seductive pictures of themselves to their profiles, reveal their interests and request weekly allowances of $1,000 to $3,000 per week. Some also ask for travel and other perks.

One of the larger websites, Seeking Arrangements, revealed that many of the students who have created profiles on their site come from middle-class homes and attend prestigious schools such as Harvard and Princeton.

These websites remain legal because they are not blatantly advertising the transaction of sex for money.  At first glance, it appears these young women are simply seeking the attention of older men with the premise of being wined and dined. Anything more remains implied and for that, there is no crime. But the sites encouragement of flirtation and the mention of money clearly suggests that the students are seeking pay for play.

The number of female students who seek “sugar daddies” to help pay their college tuition will likely increase. The recent passing of the debt limit deal could make the Pell Grant, a financial aid grant for poor students, obsolete. Some Republicans and tea party members have referred to Pell Grants as the “welfare of the 21st Century.”

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