Black Woman Crowned Miss Universe 2011

13 Sep

woman from angola wins the miss universe pageant




One Response to “Black Woman Crowned Miss Universe 2011”

  1. Pastori Balele September 13, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

    We welcome Ms. Angola as Ms. World. You may remember I wrote about black women in response to Japanese evolutionary scientist, Satoshi Kanazawa, who wrote black women were unattractive. Here is a world beauty now to challenge Satoshi so called scientific stupid observations. I believe Kanazawa had not met beautiful Black women. He should go to Dares-Salaam, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nairobi, Chicago, Key West or even here in Madison. He will definitely revise his so called scientific observation. Kanazawa findings were stupid. I have seen some Asian women really unattractive too. In fact I have seen very few Asian women with beautiful legs and teeth. I lived with one for two years. I did not see her any different from other women. However, on several times she would tell me that White males think Asian women are a delicacy. That statement surprised me. Maybe that is reason many married rich White males vacation in Japan and Malaysian countries to quench their sex drives with Asian women. I have had opportunity to observe women of different national origins, White, Black, Spanish, Somalis, Arabs, Russians and found women of all colors and background were no different from one another. As a whole all women are made attractive. I believe Satoshi Kanazawa was deceived when young to believe Black women unattractive. Sorry he was fired. He should get mental treatment. We welcome Ms. Angola as Ms. World.

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