Yvette Carnell: What Black People Can Learn from Obama’s First Term

10 Nov

Obama shaking hands with mostly black crowd.

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One Response to “Yvette Carnell: What Black People Can Learn from Obama’s First Term”

  1. pastori Balele November 11, 2011 at 12:45 am #

    President Obama fulfilled what he promised in 2008. Obama appointed many Black professions in his administration such as US Attorney General, many federal district and appellate judges, US ambassadors, US rep at United Nations etc. Obama got “A+” on Health Care law. Insurers cannot deny covering pre-existing conditions- tell that Sarah Palin whose daughter had down syndrome-many insurers refused to cover the girl; you are covered for prolonged stays in hospitals; covering your kids in college; if you lose your job and you can keep your doctor. Obama makes sure Medicare and Medicaid programs are intact. Obama put a law to tax the super-rich more and cut taxes on low and middle income people. See what Republicans did. Fight and fight. Obama is ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some troops are coming home. Republicans are fighting. They want those wars continued for more money for their friends – CEOs. Obama got A+ for restructuring Wall Street. President Obama nominated officer to oversee Wall Street activities. But Republicans are fighting the nomination to keep corruption at WS. But we have OWS and Moveon fighting corruption. Obama got A+ for reforming the banking system. Bank CEOs are careful not to jip people or else President Obama will be on their case. Obama got A+ for establishing business fund to help businesses retool. But Republicans are fighting that too. Obama got A+ for restructuring student loans. Loans are now processed at colleges instead of giving bank CEOs undeserved bonuses. Republicans call that socialism. Obama is getting A+ for rejuvenating the economy. But we know GOP and CEOs are in conspiracy – they are shipping jobs abroad leaving Americans here on welfare. Obama got A+ for urging homeowners to refinance their mortgages. But Republicans and Banks have twisted the program. Americans can now visit foreign countries and be received as friends – not during Bush era. Do you know why Arab countries want democracy? It’s Obama. The world saw American people had politically and socially matured to elect African-American as President. They could not believe White people voting for an African-American. They cried for joy. Now it was their turn to see democracy in their countries. See what happened in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Yemen and now Syria. People there want to copy America democracy. Obama got A+ for getting Bin Ladin, the Yemen guy and other followers. We can now sleep without those monsters in our brains. TEA Party and Republicans were jealousy. Even their chair – John Boehner criticized Obama for supporting Libya. What a nerd. Gadhafi is out and oil is now flowing freely to Europe and US. Republicans cannot even find a candidate to challenge President Obama. All GOP candidates are bigots and hate Blacks – that includes Herman Cain. I am asking people of all races, please join me to reelect President Obama in November 2012.

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