Dr. Boyce: Why Black People Have Yet to be Free

12 Nov

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One Response to “Dr. Boyce: Why Black People Have Yet to be Free”

  1. pastori Balele November 12, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

    “Why Black People Have Yet to be Free?” I agree with your question. Some of us are not free and must embark on re-educating ourselves, socially, politically and economically. That’s why we need President Obama, you, Jesse Jackson, Con. Powell, NAACP President Jealous, West. We need their help. I do not need help from Herman Cain. Cain’s brains are distorted. How can a black person be so stupid to call people of his own race stupid! That’s mind-bungling. Is Mitt, Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, Paul calling white people stupid? No. Cain message is dangerous to his wife, children and future Black children. They are now hearing from a prominent Black politician calling them stupid. It will be difficult to restore normalcy to Blacks and their children after a famous black person calling them such a name. There are still Cains working among us. Some are here in Madison Wisconsin. I know a black guy testified in court that Blacks were not qualified to supervise Whites. But he himself was supervising Whites at that time. He got an award from Whites for his public statement.
    I took a written state test and I was ranked highest or No. 1 on the test. I went to see my boss, a white female and asked her to hire me. She got red when I showed her my score. She could not believe it. She said: “You know, when my husband and I were in the military, we used to give left-overs to neighboring Black families. And you want to supervise those in this office?” I was quiet. I left her office and went to the affirmative action officer, a black guy. I told him about the incident with my supervisor. Here is his reaction. “To be supervisor you must score highest or No. 1 on test and your score slip should show a 1 – not 1a, 1b 1c. If you have 1a, 1b, 1c that means several whites and you had the same score. I showed him my exam slip. It showed 1 without a, b, or c. He then said he was too busy to discuss the issue at that time. I left his office. At the end of the day I heard he did not back up my appointment and had taken two weeks’ vacation to avoid backing me up. By the time he came back, I had been denied the job. I sued in the Federal District Court. And we went to trial by the judge – not by jury. In the course of the trial here is what happened:
    Judge: “What are you here for?”
    Plaintiff-me: I scored No. 1 on test and these people refused to hire me.
    Judge: What? You mean you scored higher than him? (pointing at the white guy hired)
    State Defending attorney: Yes, your honor. He beat them all by 4 points. His scored was 96 and the second person scored 92.”
    Judge: I cannot understand this. This was not an exam.
    State Defending attorney: Yes it was a written exam and the papers are here as exhibits.
    Federal Judge: I do not want to hear anymore. He is giving us too much work. I am dismissing the case. He can appeal if he wants.
    My case was dismissed by federal judge. She did not believe a Black person could score higher than Whites. I appealed my case to the Federal Appeals Court. The federal appeals court ruled among others that they give deference to trial court finding of facts and decisions. If the trial court judge thought, given her life experience with Blacks, then the Appellate court should agree. My case was dismissed. Now you should remember Republican arguments against Sonia Sotomayor confirmation. She got crap from Republicans for reasoning in one case as stated above. There are still sick people in our Black community. They think they are intellectually inferior to Whites. Can somebody explain to me why till today some Black people still think are inferior to Whites?

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