You Go Grandma: 44-Yr Old Grandmother to Compete for State Arm Wrestling Title

21 Nov

Champion arm wrestler Joyce Boone flexes the muscular bicep that won her ep that won her Wrestler of the Year honors.

Your Black World reports

A grandmother out of  East New York is prepared to step out and fight for the arm wrestling championship for the state of New York.  Joyce Boone is 44 years young and won the city championship in April.  She also has the highest ranking in the state of New York this year.

Boone is set to fight for the title at the White Castle Empire State Golden Arm Championships this week.  During the event, she is going to be honored as the Wrestler of the Year, making her the first woman to ever achieve that title.

“When you think about arm wrestling, you think about a whole bunch of men in a bar. You wouldn’t think a woman would be in it,” Boone said. “That’s what pushed me into it. There’s not a lot of women. It’s mostly men.”

Boone works as a home attendant and has a four year old grandson.  She arm wrestles with men for practice, typically beating them.

“There are a lot of tough women out there,” Boone said. “I just love the sport.”

Boone’s arm was broken by a female competitor back in 1997, but she just healed and kept going.  After that, she won the arm wrestling titles for the Bronx and Long Island.   It appears that this lady is both “armed” and dangerous; way to go grandma.


One Response to “You Go Grandma: 44-Yr Old Grandmother to Compete for State Arm Wrestling Title”

  1. beverly750 November 21, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    Nothing positive or negative to say about this other than. That is what makes the World evolve Variety.

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