Mom Makes Son Wear Sign that Says “I Steal, I Sell Drugs, I Don’t Follow the Law”

13 Jan


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2 Responses to “Mom Makes Son Wear Sign that Says “I Steal, I Sell Drugs, I Don’t Follow the Law””

  1. David Spearman January 13, 2012 at 2:26 pm #


    (and if she had whipped him, people would be calling for jail time for so-called child abuse….)

  2. hibrown January 14, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    In the movie series, “Roots”, one of the White characters said that it would be dangerous to allow Blacks to get an education. What is happening to SOME of our Black educated people seems to prove the saying correct. As a 66 year old Social Worker major, I’m tired of seeing some Black educated people assimilate to the White opinion of child discipline. There is nothing wrong with what this mother is doing with her son. Educated Blacks are now preaching that spanking is child abuse. Give the child a time out when the child’s cognitive level of intellect hasn’t reached the level of time out. I also have noticed that in some cases our educated Blacks have completely ignored what the Bible teaches about rearing our children and taken on White societies’ view. To help Black America completely come over to their way of discipline, the new show, “American Nanny” stars a Black educated woman teaching the way of a failed society(man’s ideas), and completely disregards any spiritual guidance to rearing children. Every man is right in his own eyes that is why we need a divine guidance in every aspect of our lives and greatly in helping our children.Don’t allow what is being taught in college pull you away from what the Bible teaches to please man and society.

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